1. The Squid

From the recording Russian Carpet

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I ain’t using behind you
On a holiday
You’re nothing special yourself
Is this what you need?
In dreams I find
every hint in pieces
I won’t tell on you
That’s the second reason
That I’m not alone

Who are you?
Who are you?

Run down and land prey
We have you now
I confess I slept through it
In absentia
harping on the bellows
laying under the floor
at the sentimental altar
don't go through that door

I can be kind
but not all the time
Sit down right now
When I’m sleeping
I hate this thing, this ache
Who are you?
Who are you?

I don’t need any handouts
From the devil you know
I admit I was angry
Who wouldn’t be?
can't remember no longer
you wore just the thing
that July I wouldn’t bother
To say anything

I don’t know, do you know?
I do not know you
I cannot leave you here on
Your own

Even in the darkness
Your uneven tide
Run home now
Mother’s waiting for you

I know, we’re here
I’m me and you are?
Here waiting with you
is exhausting

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